Reintegrating Routine

HeadStart is a tool to help caregivers support brain injury survivors by establishing a consistent schedule of reminders for important daily and weekly tasks.

A common symptom of many brain injury survivors is a difficulty remembering to execute simple day-to-day tasks. HeadStart allows caregivers to send survivors reminders to their mobile device through a web-based calendar system.

How It Works

HeadStart connects a web-based calendar system (administered by the caregiver) with a mobile app (used by the survivor) that receives push notifications, helping the survivor reintegrate routine back into their life.

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Hygiene Tasks

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General Tasks

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Medication Tasks

Caregivers can program a variety of tasks, view app engagement and track progress, helping the survivor with rehabilitation and positive reinforcement.

Download The App

The HeadStart app connects brain injury survivors with a custom calendar of reminders through regular push notifications tailored for specific types of tasks. It’s free.

Download the app for iOS or Android

Proactive, Not Reactive

Brain injuries affect millions of people worldwide every year, resulting in a wide variety of symptoms and challenges that can have a dramatic impact on spouses, friends, family members and often society.

Tools like HeadStart champion a proactive approach to supporting and rehabilitating brain injury survivors. Through the simple scheduling of tasks between a caregiver and a survivor, HeadStart reintegrates routine at a manageable pace.