What does HeadStart do?

HeadStart is designed to assist brain injury survivors in establishing an independent living schedule. The app provides a tool for caregivers to help support survivors with the reintegration of routine tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Developed on the coast of British Columbia, the HeadStart calendar is set to the Pacific Standard Timezone (PST), and optimized for people within this region.

What does Beta mean?

HeadStart is still in beta, meaning: while the core functionality of the app is working as we envisioned, we recognize that there is always room for improvement. So, we’re currently accepting user feedback at support@headstartapp.ca with the hopes of improving functionality and adding more features to better assist caregivers in helping brain injury survivors.

If you wish to report a bug you've encountered, please try to include as much relevant information as you can, including the: caregiver’s email, survivor's name, steps you took that lead you to the bug, approximate time you encountered the bug. This information will greatly expedite the process of locating, and fixing, any bugs that are discovered. We appreciate your help with improving HeadStart!

What do “caregiver” and “survivor” mean?

In many cases you’ll find the roles of “administrator” and “user” coined as “caregiver” and “survivor”. Due to the fact that we’re working in a specific sector (the rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury survivors), “caregiver” and “survivor” (as terms) are part of the language we are using to identify operative roles. While “caregiver” is synonymous for the administrative role, and “survivor” with the mobile user, these terms are flexible, bear with us.

Who can use HeadStart?

Anyone! Initially designed for brain injury survivors and their caregivers, HeadStart allows an administrator to build a schedule of tasks in a traditional calendar-style interface. The administrator and mobile user are then able to communicate the completion of the tasks through the mobile app, with the administrator monitoring the user’s achievements on a task log.

In this way, caregivers can help guide a person who has survived a traumatic brain injury re-establish some independence while still overseeing that their most essential needs are being met.

HeadStart functions best when a caregiver is able to provide regular and support and scheduling for a survivor.

At its very core, HeadStart is a simple calendar programming app and can be used by anyone who would benefit from its services. Have a child that you’d like to poke with reminders? HeadStart can work great for that as well.

How much does HeadStart cost?

While in Beta, full administrative use of HeadStart is free. This means caregivers can sign up for an account and add multiple survivors. The mobile app (for the survivor or user) is also a free download for iOS or Android.

Charge and Payment information is subject to change once we have finalized the app’s development.

Who developed HeadStart?

HeadStart is a collaborative project between May St. Productions, Telus and thenumber. The app was developed as an interactive component to Change of Mind, a documentary focused on the drastic effects of brain injury on society.

The app doesn’t seem to work correctly on my device, what gives?

HeadStart is optimized to work on Android 4.4 or iOS 8+. It will work on earlier versions of Android/iOS but we haven’t optimized the app for those devices and the app might not look/work as intended.